Overview of Graphic Communications


Why is Communication Important?

The History of Communication

Producing Visual Images

Printing Processes

Binding & Finishing

Segments of the Industry


Graphic Communications

We wlll take a brief overview of communications and its history with an eye towards a concentration in graphic communications. We will examine the various methods of communication delivery, focusing primarily on the print and web sectors.

We will look at the many purposes communications have served over the years.

We will examine the modes of delivery and receipt of communications.

We will specifically concentrate on how communications in print are created and delivered.

We will learn why the role of graphic communications is so important in today's technological society.

We will also identify the major processes associated with the graphic communications industry.

Resources include:

Black and white laser printers > HP2200 > HP8150 >
Color laser printers > local > HP5500 > Xante illumina > Impressia
Color Digital Press > Xerox C75
Color ink jet printers > HP800ps Wide format
Dye sublimation printers > Ricoh
Offset presses > Hamada > ABDick 9810
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Basic Offset Printing Technology

Unit I Wall Chart


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