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Please complete this questionnaire and email to Mr. McCarthy at waynemccarthy@k.12.waltham.ma.us

To the best of your ability please answer the following questions USING COMPLETE AND GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT SENTENCES. The finished materials must be submitted to the instructor or emailed to waynemccarthy@k12.waltham.ma.us no later than midnight on the date the assignment is due.

This assignment is available in MS Word and Adobe Acrobat formats and may be printed and handed to Mr. McCarthy if email is not yet possible. If you download one of the files, fill it out, and send it via email attachment to waynemccarthy@k12.waltham.ma.us, it would be most appreciated. All information will be kept in strictest confidence and will not be used in any manner not consistent with, or necessary for, conducting these courses.

If submitted in hard copy your paper must include your Name, Student Number, and Date. It should also contain your email address and your parent/guardian's email address where possible.

MS Word version of this questionnaire

Adobe Acobat version of this questionnaire

1. What are two of your favorite things to do?

2. What are two topics you wish to learn more about?

3. What books, magazines, newspapers, websites, or blogs do you read or visit?

4. What was the most memorable event that you have ever experienced?

5. What was the most memorable school event you have ever experienced?

6. What have been your favorite subjects or classes since the start of your school experience?

7. What was the one thing you can remember having learned without knowing you were learning?

8. What have you had fun learning?

9. What have you taught someone else, and if possible, how did you teach them?

10. What do you know about computers?

11. What do you know about entrepreneurship?

12. Do you have a computer at home?

13. If you have a computer at home, tell me about it. With how many people do you share it?

14. Do you have Internet access at home?

15. Do you have a web page or blog? If yes, what is the URL?

16. Do you have a cell phone? If yes please describe your calling plan or privileges.

17. Please describe the school’s policy with regard to cell phones.

18. Do you subscribe to or follow any web-based organizations or clubs?

19. Do you play video games? If yes, which ones?

20. What software do you use most often?

21. What does “new technology” mean to you?

22. What “new technology” do you use regularly?

23. What “new technology” would you like to learn more about?

24. What do you hope, or expect, to learn in this class?

25. Where do you see yourself in 5 years? (Occupation, family, place of residence)

26. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Occupation, family, place of residence)

27. Where do you see yourself in 25 years? (Occupation, family, place of residence)

28. Where do you see yourself in 50 years? (Occupation, family, place of residence)

29. Please tell me something you believe I should know before we begin our journey.

Please see the technology chart (WORD or PDF) on the associated documents.


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