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Safety & Health Program

Mechanical Hazards

Chemical Hazards

Light Hazards

Noise Hazards

Ergonomic Hazards

Fire Prevention

Environmental Compliance

Maintaining Tools, Equipment and Machinery

Safety Program in the Print Shop

The importance of safety cannot be underestimated. One single mistake can have a serious impact on the rest of your life. If you are not acting in a safe manner you, or your classmates, will be in immediate danger. Contemplate a future without a finger, hand, or hair! All it takes is one second of inattention and your world will change forever.

The following are important aspects of our Safety Program designed to keep you from becoming a casualty. Please review them often and pay close attention to each area.

The Safety Program in Graphic Communications
Print Shop Safety
Hazardous Materials
Rules to Follow
Emergency Evacuations: Room 188 > Room 198
Accident Avoidance
Equipment Operating Procedures
Classes of Fires and Extinguishers
What You Can Do to Avoid Accidents
Unsafe Condition Form
Worksheet #1
Worksheet #2
Worksheet #3
Worksheet #4
Worksheet #5
Worksheet #6
Our Shop Safety Agreement


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